EON srl is leader in the manufacturing of electric generators (GENSETS) fueled by vegetable oils and animal fats. Our mission is to use vegetable oils not destined to be used as human food, non to compete with the world’s necessity to feed People.

The use of vegetable oil as a food reduces pollution, carbon dioxide, since the CO2 emitted by them is a recycling of the same integrated in the seeds during their nourishment.

The efficiency of our engines is dramatically improved by the recovery of the thermal MWh , which are converted in energy by the EON SYSTEM, covered by 94 patents in 90 Countries.

EON also supplies the fuel oil and the additives necessary to make the oil not destructive for a Diesel engine and the lubricant oil, which must be made in a particular composition not to build up undesired reactions with the film of oil which lines internally the cylinders.


EON gives to the Customers all the necessary assistance for all the parts of the genset, with a team of specialists (engineers, mechanics, electronics, electric experts, steel workers, etc) able to reach every Country of the world in the minimum possible time.

EON supplies all the necessary information for the applications necessary to get all the necessary authorizations and green cards.