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Eon srl is an extensive experience company in renewable energy sector that produces and sells equipment for electricity and heat cogeneration. Eon was one of the first company in Italy to install engines fueled by vegetable oil, gaining great experience in this area and in vegetable oil pre-treatment in particular.

Based on its own experience, EON provides assistance for the acquisition of necessary authorization regarding:
- Recognition by GSE (Electrical service Manager);
- Custom Permission;
- Permissions from local authorities (municipality, province, ASL, ARPA, etc.)

As result of raw material significant price increase, Eon decided to plan a strategy to provide its customers in addition to engine full equipment the fuel needed to operate, creating a supply network, steady both in price and delivery by - spot oil purchase in relation to market general trend and individual bids. - expansion of direct supply channels (agro-industrial chain project).

Wholly-Owned subsidiary under Ukrainian law. Company acquired under concession 1.000 ha of farmland in Lviv area with purchasing option up to 5.000ha. First Rape cultivation have been in place since summer 2012 while company is evaluating further land acquisitions.

Eon is also present in Poland, having equity investments through an other italian society, in Polish Company Biopal. Located in the Region of Poznan, plant is settled for industrial rape process, (crude and refined oil production and meal for zootechnical use), for methyl ester production (bio-fuel primary component) as well as fatty acids and glycerin to pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.