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Eon packaging includes: The genset : engine, alternator, framework control and parallel network; heat recovery system from Water and fumes; treatment emission system for oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide reduction; Storage and continuous fuel weighing tanks; transformer; medium voltage switchboards. Preassembled packaging can be transported and installed in extremely short times.

The heat recovery system used produces hot water at 80° C and heated water up to 147° C. With this plant configuration is possible to directly use heat produced or exploit it to generate additional electricity by ORC system.

Standard equipment is supplied ex-site complete with all the component needed to run. Eon provides for a period of theoretical and practical training arranged at the customer site.

MODULE EON PLUS - main technical data

- Engine : Man, Cummings, Doosan
- Alternator: Meccalte
- Electricity produced: 420 kWe
- Thermal energy produced : ca. 180kWt
- ca. 200kWt fmfumes recovery

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